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We produce sweetest Tai-Tai Candies with different shapes, colors and flavors in Vita in Addis Ababa/Ethiopia

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About Us

In 2018,Vita Food Industry PLC established in Addis Ababa Ethiopia for the purpose of creating value for the company and society by transfering the foreign knowledge and experience of years to African market
Best Candy!
We are Turkish based production company and currently we produce sweetest Tai-Tai Candies and delicious Kadayif with a premium quality with Turkish experience and standarts for sweet lovers in Addis Ababa/Ethiopia
Healthy and Clean!
All products produced in our company meet all health standards, have all necessary permissions of Ethiopian authorities and are produced with the premium quality inputs
Now in Markets!
Please make sure that you asked our products to nearest store in Ethiopia and try the best candies with your loved ones…

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